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In recent years, we have got new buildings with measured well ventilated classroom which marks the development of the building infrastructure. A new multi storey building has been inaugurated recently which has a capacity of holding a minimum of 500 students at a time. New air-conditioned computer lab has been introduced along with 20 fully equipped computers of 6th generation and a projector system for smart classes. Audio visual aid is provided to students from time to time for the enhancement of their knowledge. Weekly based smart classes are conducted for better improvement of students for their outer knowledge apart from the monotonous syllabus.

A fleet of vehicles for the transport facility for the students have been introduced for the transportation of students for to-and-fro of students from school and home. We also guarantee the safety of the students during the pick and drop from their school and home.

Not only this, our increasing number of students increased the competition among them which are before us as the final result graph which is continuously increasing. The personel and professional developments have been kept in mind during their studies which will help them to face the outer world.

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