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Exam & Promotion

We at SRS, Dehri have a continuous system of evaluation through weekly test and 4 formative Test for all Subjects. Apart from this, we have two assessments :

  • 1st Summative Assessment (Half yearly Exam)
  • 2nd Summative Assessment (Anual Exam)

Constant Evaluation is done to measure the childs progress in class. It keeps both the teachers and students informed of the areas which needs to be revised. 

       In today's competetive era, ther is need of each and every student to pass out or to go to next higher classes to face the todays competition without any difficulties.

For this, the students have to fulfill the following requirements:-

  • 75% attendence is necessary to each and every student.
  • All the student will have to pass out in each and every Subject with 33% of minimum marks.
  • There should be no cross in any Subject throughout the year in report card.  

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