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Rules Of The School

Guidelines For The Students

1.    The motto of the school is ”LEARNING TO GROW, GROWING TO LEARN”.
2.    Students who came to school in their own transport should arrive at the school before the warning bell. The warning bell before class is a signal for all to go for the Assembly. After the assembly they should go to their respective classrooms, get their books ready in silence and prepare for the beginning of class. Changes of classroom between periods should be done in silence and order, when teachers enter the classroom , the students are to greet them in the customary way and give the proper attention and respect.
3.    Courtesy and politeness in daily dealings with the members of staff and other students is essential, No abusive Language, rudeness or violence of any kind will be accepted.
4.    Once the students has been marked present in class he/she may not be allowed to be taken home for the rest of the day by any person without the permission of the principal which will not be given unless the person than presents or official guardian has a letter of authorization from the parents or guardian.
5.    Students who come to school in the case of domestic workers, would never leave school before the workers arrive to take them home. Those who go home alone, particularly those who stay for activities, should not loiter on the way but be prompt in returning home.
6.    Students are expected to take good care of their books and personal belongings. Each articles should be marked with the students name. the school is not responsible for lost of stolen goods.

7.    Students must be punctual, they should arrive at the school 5 minutes before the assembly. Once the gate is closed, they will not be allowed to enter the school permises.
8.    School uniform is compulsory on all school days and all school functions. Student must wear the prescribed uniform in exact colour and pattern, failing which the student may be sent home and responsibility be on the parents.
9.    Student should bring the textbooks, note books and other necessary articles as per day’s time table. Name, Class/Section of the student should be on their belongings.
10.    Student should come to school clean and tidy with trim hair do.
11.    It is compulsory for each Student to bring the “SCHOOL DAIRY” and put on the Identity Card regularly as part of the school uniform.
12.    A Student is generally not allowed to leave school during the school hours.
13.    Students are not permitted to any classroom other than their own, unless authorized by a teacher.
14.    Articles like expensive watches, costly fountain pens, jewellery etc are not be brought to the school. The school shall not be responsible for loss of such items.
15.    Students should take particular care not to litter the school premises and make the use of dustbins provided for the purpose.

16.    Writing or scribbling on the walls or causing damage to the school property and the property of the others in any form, will be treated as breach of discipline.  Any such act shall entail punishment and recovery of the cost, even if done accidentally.
17.    Students suffering from infectious/Contagious diseases shall, under no circumstances be permitted to attend the school until full recovery supported by a medical fitness certificate is produced/submitted.
18.    Shouting, whistling and use of abusive language is strictly disallowed, bullying and using the foul language will be treated as act of indiscipline.
19.    Students will be held responsible for irregular attendance, neglect of home work, disobedience and disrespect of the staff.
20.    No Student shall be absent from the school without obtaining prior sanction of leave. The parents should come with the leave application, duly signed and addressed to the Principle, giving valid reasons for the child’s absence, so as to reach the class teacher at least three days in advance. The class teacher, in turn will communicate to the parent, through the school diary, if the leave is sanctioned or refused.
21.    If the leave is taken on the medical grounds for a periodexceeding  two days, a Medical Certificate from a qualified doctor should be enclosed along with the leave application. If needed, cases may be referred to the Medical Board Constituted by the school.
22.    If a Student is absent from school without intimation/permission for more than 10 days, his/her name will be struck off from the rolls. Re-admission, if granted, shall be done on payment of fine for the days of absence, i.e, Rs. 2/- per day or the re-admission.
I have read and understood, the rules given in school rules column in the school dairy and I declared that I shall abide by these rules and other rules laid by the school from time and ensure that the same will be binding to my ward.

Guidelines For The Parents

  • See your ward's diary everyday for teacher's remark.
  • Send your wards to school on time and in proper uniform.
  • Keep a watch on your wards for usual habit.
  • Don't give an extra money or costly items to your ward.
  • Direct entry in the class room during school hour in order to meet the principal and their wards is prohibited.
  • Please provide the necessary study materials and accessories in order for smooth continuation of study of your wards.
  • Avoid calling your wards during the school hours except in case of emergency

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