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Principal's Speech

Dear Parents,

         It gives me great pleasure to share with you the excellent performance of our SRS students. On behalf of the school I would like to offer my heartiest congratulations to all the SRS students on their achievements.

         The setting up of the secondary section has a challenging journey. I am however thankful that teachers, past and present, have sought to meet these challenges by establishing a rigorous curri-culum, and that our parents have placed much faith and trust in the school. Our strong results confirm that we are in the right direction and are a big morale booster, both for the school, and for our parents and students.

          Leadership and organizational skill will feature strongly in their co-curricular education. In a world that is becoming increasingly inter-connected through technologies, we believe that such competencies will put our students in good stead. You are more than Welcome to visit us and update us on the lives that you lead after leaving us-lives that I am sure will be fruitful and inspiring for future cohorts of SRS students.

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