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Mission & Vision

Mission: ( Our mission is to prepare our students in such a way that they could compete with other students in each and every field apart from normal education. )
To impart education characterised throughness, high principal’s and a freedom that helps the student to grow in responsibility, self reliance and the ability to make wise decision. The pursuit of excellence according to each once potential  with emphasis on learning by doing is of paramount importance. It rests on the positive believe that every person has it in him or her to become productive increative global citizens.

Vision: The SRS provides a congential environment for the all round developments of the personality of the students and its integration with society. Positive ideas are indicated in students as regards their personal Hygiene, Graceful Manners, Obedience and Discipline. A Highly Motivated And  dedicated team of qualified teachers plays  the role of model for children’s Individual care and regular effort gives a very vibrant and inspiring environment. Learning is joy in SRS as teacher intake their lessons very interesting by followoing various methods of techniques VIZ demonstration, experimentation, project works, home assignments, play-way, micro-teaching, structure method etc. Education here is child-centered and singing mimicury, playing, dramatization etc echo in campus.


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