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Staffing Team

Staffing Team: We have a warm and friendly staff team with wide varieties of experiences and personalities. These broad varieties are highly valued as each member of staff has something to offer your  child. To ensure professionalism the permanent staff are all qualified in child care and education or are working towards this aim and continue to undertake training throughout their nursery career. Some staffs have been with play group with several years and to maintain success we offer our permanent positions wherever possible once they are qualified to ensure continuity of care of the children.


Education Triangle :The contribution of Teacher, Parent and Students is immense in the field of education. If any one pillar is missing in this Educational Triangle, then the process of education gets hampered. Thus, in order to give it strength and support, we organise PTM, where in, the Parents interact with the teachers and try to analyze the problem areas of their ward. This Co-ordination among the teachers and the parents help the child to address their respective And particular problem areas.


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