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School Fees

Class School Fees in (RS)


Tuition fee Will be deposited in the office from date 01 to 05 of the Current month



  1. Tuition fee will be deposited in the office from date 01 to 05 of the current month.
  2. If the monthly fee is not paid on the last date a fine of Rs.50 will be charged for the period from the last date to the end of the month.


  i.    06 to 15 of current month -          Rs.10

  ii.   15 to 25 of current month -          Rs.20

  iii.   25 last day of month          -          Rs.25

  iv.    After last day of month to

        Second last day of month -          Rs.50

  3.    After two months (current & Next Month) Name of the Students will be struck off the rolls without any further information.
  4.    Re-admission may be accepted on payment of re-admission fee with the permission of the principal.
  5.    Fee (Tuition fee & other) once paid will not be refunded in any case.
  6.    Fee defaulters will not be permitted to appear for the examination.
  7.    Fee Card will be re-issued only after payment of Rs.20/- in case the card has lost or damaged.
  8.    Transport charge of the Student (provided from the school) will be deposited with tuition fee.



Pg 350
Nur 350
Lkg 350
Ukg 350
Std-1 400
Std-2 400
Std-3 450
Std-4 450
Std-5 450
Std-6 450
Std-7 450
Std-8 500
std-9 650
Std-10 650

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